Road Bans

The following roads in the Municipal District of Wainwright will be subject to a 75% ban restriction at 7:00 am April 2, 2024.


TWP452; E of HWY41 to RR61 Rattray Road
TWP472; HWY41 to RR62 Battle View Road
RR75; S of TWP452 for 2 miles South Fabyan
TWP455; E of RR75 to RR74 1mile

RR75; S of TWP 455 ½ mile

TWP445; E of HWY41 to RR63 Enstrom
RR63; S of TWP445 to TWP444
RR62; S of HWY14 to TWP443 Greenshields
TWP443; E of RR62 to RR61
RR70; N of TWP452 to TWP454

TWP 454; E of RR70 to RR65

Drive In
RR91; N of TWP480 to TWP482 North Irma
TWP450; W of HWY881 to RR100 Mackay Road
RR51; S of HWY610 and all of Clear Lake Clear Lake
TWP440; W of HWY610 and all of Clear Lake
TWP 442 W of Hwy 41 to RR 65 Access to Subdivisions
TWP444; E of RR62 to RR55 Rajotte Road
RR73; 1½ miles S of HWY14 Mosan Road
RR41: N of TWP454 2 miles North Edgerton


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (780) 842-4024.