Farm Family Awards

The Municipal District of Wainwright facilitates 3 separate award applications for farming families.

Municipal 100 Year Farm Family Award

The M.D. of Wainwright is proud to honour farm families that have owned land within the municipality for 100 years or more. This award was developed to recognize families who have helped build the foundation of prairie farming and ranching within the M.D. of Wainwright.

The criteria that the family must meet:

  • The land must be the original title’s quarter
  • They must provide evidence clearly demonstrating the kinship ties between the applicant and the founder of the homestead
  • They need to provide the date of land ownership possession.
  • They must provide the ownership land title

The Agricultural Service Board receives the application for review, and by means of successful application, the family receives a plaque commemorating the 100 Year Farm Family Award milestone.

There were 6 families receiving the M.D. of Wainwright “100 Year Farm Family Award” in 2011, which were presented at the annual Rural Routes Supper. Rural Routes is a celebration for the rural residents of the M.D. of Wainwright, in appreciation of the farming community. A BBQ supper and entertainment is enjoyed by all those who attend the event.

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2011 recipients:

  • McAfee Family Farm, est. 1910
  • Wilkinson Farms Inc., est. 1908
  • Petrie Farms Ltd, est. 1911
  • Pawsey Family Farm, est. 1907
  • Swanson Family Farm, est. 1911
  • Turnbull Family Farm, est. 1911
  • Johnson Family Farm, est. 1911
  • Porter Lake Farms/Marshall Family, est. 1911

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2012 recipients:

  • Larouche Farms, est. 1909
  • Watson Family, est. 1909
  • Bengtson Farms, est, 1912
  • Rae Family, est 1907

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2013 recipients:

  • McCluskey Family, est 1909
  • Wiley Family, est 1911
Sample Plaque

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2014 recipient:

  • Taylor Family Farm, EST 1914

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2015 recipients:

  • Olsen Family Farm, EST 1914

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2016 recipients:

  • Trefiak Family Farm, EST 1909
  • Abbott Family Farm, EST 1915

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2017 recipients:

  • McMann Ranching, EST 1911

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2018 recipients:

  • Mansfield Family Farm, EST 1911

The 100 Year Farm Family Award 2019 recipients:

  • Perry Family Farm, EST 1917
  • Archibald Family Farm, EST 1919

For more information, please call Shelby Oracheski, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman, at 780-842-4454.

Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award

The Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Awards recognizes farm families, who through hard work and sacrifice, have worked to keep their farms or ranches from generation to generation and continue to actively farm or ranch their land today. The program was established in 1993.

This award reflects the Alberta Government’s confidence in the modern farm and ranch family’s ability to continue overcoming the constant challenges to remain on the land. The Government of Alberta salutes the enduring contribution farm and ranch families make to Alberta’s continued economic success.

Your family will receive a bronze plaque (approx. 15″ x 11.625″), commemorating this 100-year milestone. This award, which can be placed at the gate or hung on a building, symbolizes your family’s perseverance and their ability to keep farming or ranching in the face of change. For more information and application form, please follow this link or contact your local MLA.

AMA Northlands Farm Family Award

Farm Families are leaders in the industry! A Farm Family should increase awareness of agriculture and maintain a high standard of their agriculture business. They should also promote the agriculture community through involvement and rural citizenship. A farm family must be proactive in new agricultural technologies and act as a role model to the rural community.

Farm families are recognized every 2nd year by the municipality, and supported and nominated by area agriculture societies on a rotational basis. Families are honoured at the annual Northland’s Farm and Ranch Show gala and banquet at Farmfair International. For more information, please contact your local ag-society president.

  • 2001 – Carl Gulbraa Family, Irma
  • 2002 – Charlie Rajotte Family, Wainwright
  • 2004 – Jim Pugh Family, Edgerton
  • 2006 – Vern Skinner Family, Chauvin
  • 2008 – Brian Burr Family, Irma
  • 2010 – Brian Perkins Family, Wainwright
  • 2012 – Snyder Farms, Edgerton
  • 2016 – Erickson Agro Inc, Irma
  • 2018 – Ken and Doris Ford & Family