Crop Disease & Pests

Crop Diseases

You can find the Field Crop and Forage Pests and their Natural Enemies in Western Canada, Identification and management field guide here.  In 2017, the M.D. of Wainwright confirmed we had 8 positive clubroot locations.  M.D. of Wainwright staff will continue to conduct yearly random inspections throughout the municipality.  If you have any questions regarding clubroot please contact James or Shelby at 780-842-4454.




The Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61 recognizes that Clubroot of Canola is a serious problem and supports the principle to control the spread of Clubroot which is a designated a pest under the Agricultural Pest Act.

Fusarium Headblight




Crop Pests Found in the M.D. of Wainwright

Bertha Armyworms

Diamondback Moths


Lygus Bugs

Wheat Midge

Wheat Stem Sawfly

Swede Midge