Welcome to the
M.D. of Wainwright No. 61


The M.D. of Wainwright is situated in the heart of the agriculture and oil industries and is a major partner with one of Canada’s largest military training bases. This makes the M.D. of Wainwright an area of diverse wealth both socially and economically and allows us to provide our residents with many services and the benefit of low taxes.

In addition, the M.D. of Wainwright offers various historical and recreational attractions for residents and visitors.

The M.D. of Wainwright is a progressive community that is a great place to live, work and raise a family. We are glad to welcome you.

In 2021 the M.D. of Wainwright had a population of 4,276 living in 1,490 of its 1,852 total private dwellings, a change of -4.2% from its 2016 population of 4,464. With a land area of 4,095.29 km2 (1,581.20 sq mi), it had a population density of .97/km2 (1.1/sq mi) in 2016.

Road Bans

The following roads in the Municipal District of Wainwright will be subject to a 75% ban restriction at 7:00 am April 2, 2024.


TWP452; E of HWY41 to RR61 Rattray Road
TWP472; HWY41 to RR62 Battle View Road
RR75; S of TWP452 for 2 miles South Fabyan
TWP455; E of RR75 to RR74 1mile

RR75; S of TWP 455 ½ mile

TWP445; E of HWY41 to RR63 Enstrom
RR63; S of TWP445 to TWP444
RR62; S of HWY14 to TWP443 Greenshields
TWP443; E of RR62 to RR61
RR70; N of TWP452 to TWP454

TWP 454; E of RR70 to RR65

Drive In
RR91; N of TWP480 to TWP482 North Irma
TWP450; W of HWY881 to RR100 Mackay Road
RR51; S of HWY610 and all of Clear Lake Clear Lake
TWP440; W of HWY610 and all of Clear Lake
TWP 442 W of Hwy 41 to RR 65 Access to Subdivisions
TWP444; E of RR62 to RR55 Rajotte Road
RR73; 1½ miles S of HWY14 Mosan Road
RR41: N of TWP454 2 miles North Edgerton


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at (780) 842-4024.

Ag Fieldman Employment Opportunity

Agricultural Fieldman

The Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61 has an exciting opportunity to join our management team, as the Agricultural Fieldman. The current Ag Fieldman is retiring after 33 years of service.

Reporting to the Municipal Administrator, the Agricultural Fieldman will work closely with the Agricultural Service Board (ASB) while providing leadership and direction in developing, implementing, maintaining, and managing all aspects of the Agricultural Services Department (ASD) staff and programs within the MD of Wainwright. The Agricultural Fieldman will also be responsible for administering and enforcing provincial legislation including the Agricultural Service Board Act, Agricultural Pests Act, Soil Conservation Act and assisting with the Animal Health Act, as well as following all municipal policies and bylaws.

The ideal candidate will possess strong interpersonal and administrative skills, the ability to effectively manage staff and deal with the public, as well as having a strong agricultural background to efficiently carry out ASD programming. A related agricultural or environmental post-secondary education and a Pesticide Applicator License (Agricultural, Industrial) is required for this position. Equivalencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A detailed job description is available on the MD of Wainwright’s website.  Salary will be contingent on experience and qualifications.

Interested candidates are requested to submit a cover letter and resume outlining their experience and qualifications for this position to:

M.D. of Wainwright No. 61
Agricultural Fieldman Competition

Attention Kelly Buchinski, Municipal Administrator
717- 14th Avenue
Wainwright, Alberta
T9W 1B3
Email: admin@mdwainwright.ca
The M.D. of Wainwright is an employer of choice with an excellent working environment and a very competitive salary and benefit structure. The M.D.’s annual operating and capital budget is approximately $40 million per year.

We appreciate the interest of all applicants, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Landfill Operations Manager

Wainwright Regional Waste To Energy Authority
Employment Opportunity – Landfill Operations Manager
Wainwright Regional Waste to Energy Authority is seeking a qualified and highly motivated individual for the full-time management position of Landfill Operations Manager. This position will be under the general direction and supervision of the Wainwright Regional Waste to Energy Authority Board of Directors.
The successful candidate must possess knowledge of the procedures and operations of a landfill. It is required that this position hold, or be working towards, certifications for effective landfill operations including but not limited to: Landfill Operations Basic, Manager of Landfill Operations, Managing Recycling Systems, Introduction to Safety l and ll, Risk Management and Job Hazard Assessment Analysis for Solid Waste, and Landfill Fire Training.
The successful candidate requires knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and must participate in ongoing safety training and certification retention. Specific knowledge and experience in management will be considered an asset.
The primary roles of this position include overseeing all aspects of site operations, coordination, and management of the landfill safety program, cooperating with other landfill personnel, the public, and the Board of Directors, supervising employees in a team environment, and exercising independent judgement in the provision of management services to the betterment of the Landfill, its personnel, and the Authority. A high degree of independent action is required as well as significant computer experience, including the use of Microsoft Excel and Word. The complete job description can be found at wainwright.ca and mdwainwright.ca.
Compensation for this position is commensurate with qualifications and experience. The Wainwright Regional Waste to Energy Authority offers competitive wages and an excellent benefit package.
Qualified applicants are invited to mail or email their resume and cover letter stating qualifications, experience and references marked as “Landfill Operations Manager” to:
Crystal Andersen, Secretary-Treasurer
Wainwright Regional Waste to Energy Authority
1018 – 2 Avenue, Wainwright, AB T9W 1R1
Email: candersen@wainwright.ca
This posting will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. A criminal record check will be required.
The Wainwright Regional Waste to Energy Authority thanks all applicants for their interest, however only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Landfill Operations Manager Job Description

Soil Capability in the M.D. of Wainwright

This is the soil capability for the M.D. of Wainwright.  If you would like a a 30″x42″ printed version please contact the Administration office at 780-842-4454 and arrange for pickup.  Printed maps will cost $20.00 per map.

For a PDF version click on the image below.

Wild Boar

So, you’ve heard about the wild boar bounty program. Here’s what you need to know:

First and foremost, the M.D. of Wainwright is not participating in this initiative at this time. There are currently only three Municipalities signed up in Alberta to partake in this one-year pilot running from April 1st, 2022 until March 31st, 2023.

Why? There are several factors at play, including:

– There are active “whole sounder” trapping programs being run by both the Alberta Government and Alberta Pork. Any Municipality with active sounder trapping is not eligible to participate in the bounty program, and vise versa if you are participating in the bounty program you are not eligible to partake in these trapping programs. In the M.D. of Wainwright, we are not currently aware of any resident wild boar populations. Should we become aware of boar within our borders the plan of action is to engage professional trappers to remove the population in its entirety.

– Hunting efficacy. It has been proven that the recreational hunting of wild boar is not an effective control option, let alone a viable way to eradicate them. Boar are highly intelligent and adaptable and will become increasingly elusive when exposed to hunting pressures.

If you spot wild boar or signs of their presence you are encouraged to ‘Squeal on Pigs’ by emailing AF.wildboar@gov.ab.ca, calling 310-FARM, or by contacting the M.D. Agricultural Services Department.


Squeal on Pigs!


Video resources:

Wild boar, when at large, are a declared pest in Alberta. This means landowners have the right to hunt them at any time on their own property.