The M.D. of Wainwright is situated in the heart of the agriculture and oil industries and is a major partner with one of Canada’s largest military training bases. This makes the M.D. of Wainwright an area of diverse wealth both socially and economically and allows us to provide our residents with many services and the benefit of low taxes.

In addition, the M.D. of Wainwright offers various historical and recreational attractions for residents and visitors.

The M.D. of Wainwright is a progressive community that is a great place to live, work and raise a family. We are glad to welcome you.

2% Liquid Strychnine Available

2015 Federal Registration of 2% liquid strychnine concentrate is available to agricultural producers with a farm fuel number, or farm license plates only.  Product to be used only on land with economically significant Richardson Ground Squirrel populations.  Infestation levels must be: 1 RGS hold per four meters of walking, or if a producer has 20% damage in a 100m strip of crop or pasture land.

Additional conditions and purchase restriction also apply.  Cost of this product will be $9.00/bottle or $216.00/case.  A restriction of two (2) cases per Order Day is in effect.

Available for purchase on Tuesdays between 1:00 - 3:00 PM each week.  Start May 19, 2015 until June 30, 2015.  Purchases after these dates can be made by appointment.  All sales dependent on product availability.

LSC will be distributed from the M.D. of Wainwright Rec. Shop (North side of the building) at 2010 - 15 Avenue N. Wainwright, Alberta.  (Located between Rent World and Wainalta Motors)

For more information, please contact the M.D. of Wainwright at (780) 842-4454.


M.D. Maps

Land owner maps for the M.D. of Wainwright are available at the administration office for $10.00 each.

Fire Ban in Effect


The Municipal District of Wainwright has issued a “Fire Ban” effective immediately due to the dry conditions. This “Fire Ban” applies to all rural residences and hamlets within M.D. boundaries.

The current “Fire Ban” does not include small recreational fires (such as small contained fire pits for cooking or warming purposes), or charcoal barbecues. The M.D. encourages all residents to use the utmost caution and care with these types of fires during these dry conditions.

The M.D. will not be issuing any fire permits while the ban is in place and all current fire permits are hereby suspended and permit holders are ordered to check their fires and ensure the fire is extinguished completely.

The “Fire Ban” will be in effect until notification is otherwise provided. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the M.D. of Wainwright Office at (780) 842-4454.

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Spring Clean Up

The M.D. Of Wainwright will be supplying garbage roll-off bins for the purpose of spring and fall clean up initiative in your area.

The bins will be placed at three different locations for a one week period over the long weekend in may from Wednesday, May 13th to Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

The bins will be located at the Ascot Heights garbage compound, the Fabyan town site compound, and at the Clear Lake main beach area.  The fall clean up initiative will be for a one week period at the end of September from September 23rd through to October 1st, 2015 at these same locations.

The hamlet of Greenshields pick up days will be Monday and Thursday each week, schedule for pick ups would be May 4th, 7th, 11th and 14th, 2015. Employees will collect materials properly packaged in clear plastic bags placed out in front of your house.  Dark or coloured bags will not be picked up.

This initiative is to provide you with the opportunity to dispose of yard clean up materials and household materials that are not hazardous.

Unacceptable materials would be: Tires, appliances, furniture, metals, hazardous waste, household chemicals, yard chemicals, and paint.

These materials must be taken to the Wainwright incinerator for proper disposal.

Road Ban Updated

Click here to find out more information on road bans