Planting Shelterbelts

Planting Shelterbelts

The M.D. office can supply you with a tree information package, containing information on different tree varieties, planting row & space reccomendations plus over all planning and planting tips.

Tree Planter


Make sure that the area where you plan to plant has been thoroughly cultivated, for easier use of the tree planting machine.  Two people sit on the machine, while the unit moves foreward slowly, allowing planting of large amounts of seedlings to be completed in a short amount of time.

Mulch Roller Application

After planting your seedlings, you can use the mulch roller to cover the soil with a thin layer of plastic to help increase survival rates of seedlings by reducing weed competition.  The plastic barrier also wicks moisture to seedlings.  The plastic mulch must be purchased by the landowner from a supplier.  For a list of suppliers please contact Shelby, Asst. Fieldman at the Municpal office at 780-842-4454.