Proposed Land Use Bylaw Section 9.7

According to section 9.7 of the Proposed Land Use Bylaw:
9.7.1 No person shall keep or permit in any part of any yard in any Country Residential, Urban General, or Lakeside Residential
a. any dismantled or wrecked vehicle for more than fourteen (14) successive days;
b. any object or chattel which, in the opinion of the Development Authority, is
unsightly or tends to adversely affect
the amenities of the district in which it is located;
c. any excavation, storage or piling up of materials required during construction
unless all necessary safety measures
are taken, and the owner of such materials or excavations assumes full
responsibility to ensure the situation does
not prevail any longer than reasonably necessary to complete a particular stage of
construction work.
If you are zoned as an Agricultural District, section 9.7 does not apply to you. For information on what your land is zoned please contact the MD office at 780 842 4454 or stop in at 717 14th Ave Wainwright Alberta.