Fire Departments

The dedicated members of the fire departments are able to respond to incidents twenty-four hours a day from their homes or work. Although the members are classed as volunteers, these men and women are trained to respond and assist in case of emergency.The Villages of Chauvin, Edgerton and Irma each have volunteer fire departments, consisting of dedicated individuals from the community. Training for the individuals is provided as much as possible, and residents are encouraged to join and become a volunteer fire fighter for their village.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Fire Department for your community, contact your Fire Chief.

For information regarding fire bans in the province, please visit


Fire Chief and Permit Contact Info

As per Municipal District of Wainwright No. 61 policy:

After the permit is written, the holder must contact the 911 Call Centre at 780-842-4215 AND their Fire Chief prior to burning.

All Fire Wardens MUST fax copies to the appropriate Fire Chief after issuing the permit.

View our Fire Permit Information section for more information.


Chauvin Fire Area

Chauvin Fire Chief - Gary Zunti: 587-281-1763
911 Call Centre: 780-842-4215
Fax fire permits to 780-858-2125


Edgerton Fire Area

Edgerton Fire Chief - Jon Koroluk: 780-806-0275 (Cell)
911 Call Centre: 780-842-4215
Fax fire permits to 780-755-3750


Irma Fire Area

Irma Fire Chief - Clair Prior: 780-842-0279
Deputy Chief - Doug Emter: 780-209-7374
911 Call Centre: 780-842-4215
Fax fire permits to 780-754-2291


Wainwright Fire Area

Wainwright Fire Chief - Cliff Bethune: 780-806-6911
Deputy Chief - Dean Martineau
911 Call Centre: 780-842-4215
Fax fire permits to 780-842-2989


All emergency services can be reached through 9-1-1. Dispatch services provided.