Administration & Taxations

Local Assessment Review Board: 

Clr. Cummins, Clr. Lawson and an alternate be chosen from an online Registry of qualifed board members and clearks through Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Composite Assessment Review Board

Clr. Cummins, Clr. Lawson and an alternate be chosen from an online registry of qualified board members and clerks through Alberta Municipal Affairs

Finance Committee

Reeve or Deputy Reeve, one Councillor alternating by division number, the Assistant Municipal Administrator or the Municipal Accountant and the Director of Public Works or his appointment if desired

Insurance, Bylaws, Agreements and Regulations Committee

Reeve Barss, Clr. Andersen, Clr. Cummins, Director of Public Works and Municipal Administrator

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Committee

Councillors from each respective Recreation Area and the Municipal Administrator

Public Relations Committee for the Western Area Training Centre (WATC)

Reeve, Deputy Reeve and the Municipal Administrator

Policy Committee

all Councillors, Municipal Administrator and all Department Heads

Agricultural Service Board

Wainwright Seed Cleaning Plant

Reeve Barss and alternate Clr. Cummins

Edgerton Seed Cleaning Plant

Clr. Wilkinson and alternate Clr. Andersen

Weed Inspectors

Agricultural Fieldman, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman, Dennis Fuder, Laine Maron and Ray Enstrom

Soil Conservation Officers

Agricultural Fieldman and Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Pest Control Officers

Agricultural Fieldman, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman, Rod Gabrielson, Dennis Fuder and Laine Maron

Agricultural Service Board

Agricultural Service Board – Clr. Wilkinson (Chairman) and Clr. Andersen be appointed to the Agricultural Service Board on a two (2) year rotation and that farm member appointments be appointed on a three (3) year rotation basis of which Don Jones has one (1) year remaining and John Campbell has two (2) and new member Wayne Leskow will serve three (3) years


Subdivision and Development/Weed Control Act/Pest Control Act/Soil Conservation Act Appeal Board

public members John Fleming, Raymond Pare, Dianne Olson, Stephanie Spornitz and Rene Rajotte and alternate Kevin MacKay and the Secretary Evelyn Mark

Wainwright Intermunicipal Development Committee

Reeve Barss, Clr. Cummins, Clr. Lawson, Municipal Administrator, Development Officer and ratepayer member Michelle Schneider

Municipal Planning Commission

All Councillors and the Development Officer acts as secretary

Edgerton Intermunicipal Development Committee

Clr. Cummins and Clr. Wilkinson

Municipal Property

Municipal Property Committee – Buildings, Grounds, Equipment, Parks & Recreation and Environmental

All Councillors, Municipal Administrator, Director of Public Works and Director of Transportation

Airport Committee

Clr. Cummins, Municipal Administrator and Director of Transportation

Health and Welfare

Wainwright & District Family & Community Services

Clr. Cummins, Clr. Wilkinson and alternate Clr. Andersen

Wainwright & District Physician Recruitment Committee

Clr. Lawson and alternate Reeve Barss

Community Health Foundation

Clr. Lawson

Battle River Foundation (Lodge)

Clr. Lawson and Clr. Buck

Wainwright Handi-Van Committee

Reeve Barss

Wainwright Community Services Awareness Group

Reeve Barss

Enviroment Treatment Services

Wainwright Regional Waste to Energy Authority

Clr. Wilkinson ad Reeve Barss

Battle River Watershed Committee

Clr. Andersen

Recreation and Community Services

Chauvin Rural Recreation Area Board

Clr. Buck and members Dennis Gibb and Brian Johnson

Edgerton Rural Recreation Area Board

Clr. Wilkinson, Clr. Andersen and members Layne Clark, Cody Leskow, Stephanie Spornitz and Sharon Guy

Wainwright Rural Recreation Area Board

Clr. Valleau, Clr. Cummins and members Bill Long, Carla McNary and Steve Mazerolle

Town of Wainwright Recreation Area Board

Clr. Valleau and Clr. Cummins

Irma Rural Recreation Area Board

Reeve Barss, Clr. Lawson and members Steven Raasok and Ryan Oracheski

Chauvin Library Board

Clr. Buck

Edgerton Library Board

Clr. Wilkinson and Clr. Andersen

Irma Library Board & Joint Use Committee

Clr. Lawson

Town of Wainwright Library Board

Clr. Valleau

Resort Committee

All Councillors, Municipal Administrator and Development Officer

Battle River Alliance (BRAED)

Clr. Valleau

Northern Lights Library Board

Clr. Valleau and alternate Clr. Andersen

Economic Development Committee

Clr. Valleau

Protection to Persons & Property

Chauvin Fire Area Board

Clr. Buck

Edgerton Fire Area Board

Clr. Wilkinson and Clr. Andersen and Rural Representative Michelle Christensen and Harold Perkins

Wainwright Fire Area Board

Clr. Cummins, Clr. Lawson and Reeve Barss

Irma Fire Area Board

Clr. Lawson, Reeve Barss and Rural Representatives Greg Fischer and Kent Gulbraa

Emergency Management Service Committee

Reeve Barss and Clr. Wilkinson

Director of Emergency Management

Keith Steele

Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Municipal Administrator

M.D. Safety Committee

all Councillors, the Municipal Administrator and Department Heads

Wainwright Ambulance Committee

Reeve Barss and Clr. Wilkinson


Agricultural Fieldman

Fire Wardens

all Councillors, Municipal Administrator, Agricultural Fieldman, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman, Karen Steele and Kim Christensen and Fire Chiefs and Deputy Fire Chiefs

E911 Advisory Committee

Clr. Wilkinson

Safety Codes and Fire Technical

Clr. Cummins